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Terms and Conditions

Local Savings Bucks Merchant Participation Form

Please enroll our business in the Local Bucks Merchant Program which enables us to advertise and promote our business to Local Savings Bucks members from associations, employers and other organizations (“Organization”). We agree to the following:

a.    Custom Promotional Offers: We have established the loyalty offers described herein to attract new customers and reward repeat customers from Organizations.

b.    Promotional Control: We may change our promotional offers as needed to build our profit.

c.    Free Advertising to Organization Members: Local Savings Bucks will advertise our business, including our logo and the offers we establish, through private websites, personalized email and printed materials, where applicable, to the members of participating Organizations. We will not use any Local Savings Bucks logos or trademarks in any advertising or promotion without prior written approval from Local Savings Bucks.

d.    Training Assistance: We will train our employees to honor the offers indicated herein to customers presenting a valid membership card with the Local Savings Bucks logo or Local Savings Bucks coupon, where applicable. Local Savings Bucks will assist in training our staff by providing cash register stickers, window stickers and employee training sheets.

e.    Miscellaneous: Local Savings Bucks may advertise the business location indicated above and any other locations as indicated on the attached page. Local Savings Bucks may also communicate with our business locations by telephone, email or facsimile at the numbers/addresses listed in this enrollment form.


This Agreement shall continue for 12 months from the date this Agreement is signed, and shall automatically renew for one (1) year peri­ods, regardless of change of ownership, unless either party, with or without cause, gives the other party sixty (60) days' written notice of cancellation. Offers shall continue to be honored during the 60-day notice period. 


This Agreement does not constitute a partnership or joint venture. The individual signing this Agreement on behalf of Merchant represents to LOCAL SAVINGS BUCKS that he/she is duly authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of Merchant and that he/she has carefully read this agreement.Mercahnt

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