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Discount Card Fundraising

No More Archaic Discount Cards To Carry

Local Savings Bucks uses the latest in technology to help your school, school teams, youth leagues, bands, and groups of all sizes raise more money without having to collect cash, deliver products, or go door to door.  

Best of all, how would you like to double your fundraising every year with our automatic renewal of your digital fundraising discounts?

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Create YOUR digital discount directory with local merchants and brands like these!

See How Local Savings Bucks Can Benefit Your Organization

  • No more archaic cards you need to carry

  • No collecting of cash

  • Create a residual, recurring revenue stream using our automatic renewal

  • Redeem all your discounts via your mobile phone for much better user experience

  • No delivering of products

  • Easy to sell using just a link

  • No more having to sell face to face

  • No cost to our group partners

  • Have the ability to keep track of every sale by fundraising participant

  • Volume Incentives

  • Double your revenue every year using our automatic renewal

  • We set up your choices of local businesses

  • Completely branded digital discount page to your organization

  • 100% Covid Friendly

  • Fundraise year long if you choose to

  • We incentivize those that buy your Digital Discounts to share with their friends and family to increase your fundraising revenue

  • Businesses can now track their ROI real time which incentivizes them to continue the program

  • and more

  • We do not keep or have access to anyone's financial information. Your information is encripted and secure

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    What Is Your Digital Fundraising Directory?

    Local Savings Bucks Digital Fundraising Directory is a digital directory created specifically for your group. It will be custom designed with your organization's name, colors, and logo.

    Merchant offers can consist of both local mom and pop establishments and also nearby locations of national chains. We include the merchant’s logo/name, the discounts they are providing and the location(s) where the offer can be redeemed. Offers can be in a number of different forms, like 10% 15% or 20% off, a dollar amount off like $5 off purchase of $30 or more, or $7 off an oil change. Additionally, there may be BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers like BOGO chicken sandwich or WPO (With Purchase Of) offers like free bread sticks WPO a pizza or free buffet WPO a buffet and two drinks.

  • Top Notch Merchants

  • Automatic Renewal Revenue

  • Huge Fundraising Revenue

  • Check out what it looks like on mobile


    Some of the most popular merchants


    Choose from your local mom and pop restaurants, to fast food chains, and national brands.  

    Home Improvement

    We can add your local home improvement store or one of the national brands, whichever is the best value to your customer


    It's very popular to add an automotive business that provides tire service, oil changes, and other services

    An Example of how our automatic renewal can increase your revenue

    This example shows how an organization can sell 2000 Digital Fundraising Directories every year, but because we have an automatic renewal on existing customers, you can almost double your revenue every single year with the same amount of effort.

    We make Fundraising fun and easy

    No longer do you have to worry about the best way to raise funds for your organization. Local Savings Bucks has not only made it easy, but uses the latest in technology to enable you to as much as double your revenue every year with the same amount of effort.

    It's Super Easy To Fundraise With Local Savings Bucks

    Fundraising with Local Savings Bucks Digital Directory couldn't be easier.  It's a program that provides huge value, huge fundraising revenue, and that people love to buy.  And best of all, every person that buys access, has an automatic renewal unless they decide to opt out, so you don't have to sell the same cards to the same people every year, just to make the same amount of money.  How would you like to start every year with a large percentage of what you raised last year, and then double that with the same amount of effort.

    Step 1: Pick Your Desired Merchants

    You decide which merchants you would like to include on your digital directory. Our team will set them up and create your branded Digital Fundraising Directory specifically for your organization

    Step 2: Review Your Digital Directory

    Review your branded Digital Fundraising Directory and all its offers and give them the final approval or any changes that need to be made

    Step 3: Sell Them Using A Link

    You can either sell your branded Digital Fundraising Directory by sharing the url or each participant can get their own custom link so you can track how many are sold by each participant

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    What Fundraisers Are Saying About Us.....

    "We work with a lot of schools around the country.  Local Savings Bucks is our best way to raise the most amount of money, and it's so simple to use.  We no longer need students to deal with cash."

    Jesse B.

    "Couldn't be happier.  Local Savings Bucks helped our school not only raise more money, but the fact that they are 100% Covid friendly enables us to fundraise anytime we like."

    Neal C.

    "Local Savings Bucks was a savior for our Soccer League. Not only are we able to raise more money using their innovative program, but we are creating a residual revenue that was never possible before."

    Jeff S.

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